Monday, May 23, 2011


Once again, I am a little behind on my Picture Inspiration photos. I'm only 13 weeks into it and already wondering, why did I sign-up for this again?... Anyway, the theme for week 12 was Mystery. (Yes, I know, I skipped week 11. I'm still working on that week's theme.)
I took this photo of the pool while we were in Sun River over the weekend. You're probably wondering, "What's the big mystery?" Well, I find pools and swimming a bit mysterious. I don't know how to swim and I'm pretty terrified of the water. I'm ok if I'm in control and there is no horsing-around. But don't even think about jokingly pushing me in the pool or pulling me under. To see people jump-in and swim and splash and have fun in the water is just so mysterious to me. How did they learn to hold their breath and not inhale water? How did they learn to open their eyes underwater? How did they learn to be comfortable in water? My life began in water. So why do I have such a huge fear of the water?
It's a mystery to me.
(It should be noted that our assignment for this week was to focus on the mystery of nature and spring unfolding all around us. Yep, totally missed the mark on this assignment. But I still like the mystery I captured.)


Ashley Sisk said...

Very cool shot - I love all the reflections. Great post.

Stacey said...

I really really love this photo, Andrea.

My mom doesn't know how to swim so I can somewhat relate. She's also pretty terrified of the water, even though she loves being by it. She pushed swimming lessons for us as kids and for that I am grateful b/c I love to swim, but she has yet to take lessons herself. Maybe someday you'll get there!

Marvett Smith said...

This is a great photo for the assignment. I think you can interpret it however you want to. I share your fear of the water. Good thing I'm tall!

Love the image!

Casey Martinez said...

I think this is a beautiful picture especially in reflecting what you have shared. I think many people share your fear. I grew up with a Grandma who had a swimming pool so we were in it every summer which helped. I am afraid of the ocean caught in a rip tide when I was in high school and have been terrified of going out too far ever since. Thanks for sharing!

Shawntae said...

Ha I tried commenting on this the other day and it wouldn't go through. I hit Post Comment 10 times and was sure you would get them all. Lol.
Anyway, beautiful shot. I can't wait for pool time this summer!