Monday, May 9, 2011

he calls me mom.

He used to call me mommy. Not too long ago. But now I am mom.
He's growing up. Too fast.
The nurses called him peanut when he was born. All 4 pounds, 15 ounces of him.
Tiny. My small hand almost covered his entire back.
I rocked him for hours when he was little. Hours.
He wanted to be held all the time.
he calls me mom.

Now he is four (and almost a half.)
He runs and jumps and dances and sings and makes too much noise some days.
He holds my hand and gives me kisses.
He comes and gets me almost every night. Which drives me crazy, but also secretly makes me happy that he still needs me. Some day he won't need me much, if at all.

Because of you, Max, I am mom.
Thank you for that gift.
Love, Mommy.


Shawntae said...

They really do grow up way too fast!
He's such a sweetie.:)

Tracey said...

this is such a great picture A. Love the light coming in from the side. And wow, 4lbs! Tiny! Hope you have a great week...will be a little scare on the internet these next few weeks so forgive my absence of checking in if I get a little overwhelmed with life!

Marvett Smith said...

This is a beautiful post! You are a wonderful mother, and you remain in my prayers!
P.S.- Max is adorable!

deb duty said...

Such a sweet post and a beautiful picture of your boy.

Meisg said...

I have to second the wonderful mother comment, pretty good wife also :)

Lisa McCully said...

That's adorable, I almost made it thru the day without crying, dash it all where are tissues!! Your Max is super adorable!

andrea said...

Thank you, friends. We think he's a cutie and a keeper. :-)

Stacey said...

This is so very sweet. Love this, Andrea. Hugs.