Saturday, May 14, 2011

umbrella friday on saturday.

A few weeks ago Tracey over at Pen and View posted some umbrella photos. Perhaps you've seen them? I meant to post a few umbrella photos last Friday, but it didn't happen. I took these photos awhile ago. I actually had to go in search for my umbrella. I hardly ever use it.


Here in the Pacific Northwest we don't use umbrellas all that much, which is weird since we get so much rain. We tend to use rain coats with hoods. It just gets to be a pain to find the umbrella, open it, run to the store, close it, carry it around while it leaves a trail of drips, then open it again to head to the car... I mean, really, around here we might as well have a third arm that serves as an umbrella all fall, winter and spring (and 50% of summer). I digress...

Anyway, Max was intrigued with the umbrella. He's never really used one. I don't even think it was raining when he was playing with it on the deck. And, since we had watched Tracey's video from her first umbrella Friday post, Max just had to sing that song. (It was a favorite of his about a year ago.) Thank you, Tracey. ;-)

how does this open?

It was sunny and 74 yesterday. Now it's raining. Again.
Happy Saturday, friends!


Karli said...

Ohhh! Your blog is fantastic - wow! Thanks so much for stopping by and for such a sweet comment. LOVE your umbrella! I just ran across some on the site Zulily, they were adorable and like $6.99! My kind of shopping - LOL! Great to e-meet you & have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Haha! I meant to participate in Tracey's UF too but as I sit here in the grand Pacific Northwest watching the rain fall out my window I completely agree with everything you said. I own the same umbrella that you do. I keep it in my closet. And when it rains I don't use it. I use my hooded coat. Umbrellas aren't practical here and especially at my house where everytime it rains the wind is also going and flips my umbrella inside out. ;)

But I still love Tracey's UFridays and want to take a shot. ;)

Tracey said...

I love it! I just saw this today and put a post edit link on my blog so other's can click over and see yours! I won't have time to do a Monday post tomorrow, so it will be up one more day.
I laughed at your third arm comment. We don't really use umbrella's either here in California...well at least I don't. I just run from my car into the store! But Bean is an umbrella geek, she loves them for dancing and singing with so of course we have some.
Have a great week Andrea!