Tuesday, May 17, 2011

maggie monday (a day late).

lazy mags

Time for a Maggie Monday post full of randomness...(are you sitting down? this may be long...)

1. Friday night hubby and I watched a movie. He kinda let me pick, and I've since lost my movie choosing privileges for, well, awhile I'm guessing. What did I choose, you ask? Love and Other Drugs. I like Anne Hathaway and I love Jake Gyllenhall. But the movie was just a bore. I can honestly say I'd have rather have watched Never Say Never - The Justin Bieber movie. Yes, I'm almost 38 and I said that out-loud. Even said it to my husband and he laughed at me.

2. You know how I've mentioned Max comes into our room in the middle of the night and wants me to sleep with him in his room? It's still happening. Nine times out of ten I just go with it - I want sleep. But Friday night I was annoyed and chose my battle. I made a lot of empty threats to take things away if he didn't stay in bed. I used my angry whisper voice a lot  few times. I sat in the hallway outside his room for an hour (thinking about all sorts of things - that's another post.) I told him to go back to his room, get in bed and stay there a grand total of 834 times - give or take a time or two. We were both awake from midnight to a little after 2am, which meant he was tired the next day. Which meant that we both napped for two hours in the late afternoon. (Ironically, I took my nap with him in his bed...sigh...) Which in turn meant that I spent two hours trying to get him to go to bed and stay in bed later that night (much later.) Last night he came in at midnight, about 40 minutes after I went to bed. Ugh. I could bore you with the details of last night's battle, but I won't. The good news - it didn't last as long as Saturday night. We'll just leave it at that.

3. I didn't finish this post last night as planned. Instead I sat on the couch and watched Nurse Jackie and United States of Tara. I guess that makes this a Maggie Tuesday post.

4. I helped with the preschool Fun Day today. Oh. My. Goodness. Thank the good Lord above for teachers willing to deal with that many 3-5 year olds every day. You couldn't pay me enough to do that. Seriously. Totally exhausted.

5. My son needs a sibling. I'm tired of entertaining him every day, all day. Is that bad of me to say?...Do other moms with just one child feel this way? (Of course I don't know any other moms with just one child. Sigh. That's a whole other post that I won't go into because I've done enough crying already.)

6. My house is a mess. I need to clean, but I don't want to. Can I take a nap instead?...

7. After reading the above six points I've realized this post is kinda boring. Feel free to move on to the next blog in your Google feed.

8. High point of my day so far - I finally bought Elements 9. I should get it tomorrow. Now I just need my very own desktop that I don't have to share with anyone AND take a Elements 9 class. (Neither one of the aforementioned things will be happening anytime soon...sigh.)

That's a bit of my weekend, my Monday and today in a nutshell.
Happy Tuesday, friends!

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